Non-Profit Organization

Bear & Friends Animal Society Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, established in 2013 and granted 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2015.


We are proud to say that 95% of every dollar goes to the animals and their care, as very little money is used for expenses, such as gasoline for visits throughout the community. Additionally, all services to the public are 100% FREE. Help us continue the work we a volunteer!


Our Vision


We save dogs' lives in an effort to improve human's the best of both worlds!!


Our Mission

Bear & Friends rescues unwanted dogs from pounds and shelters to give them the opportunity to find their purpose in life. Rescued dogs can dbring joy, peace, and companionship to humans of all ages as: 1) trained Canine Good Citizen (CGC) therapy animals; or 2) as adopted pets. If an animal is unable to become a CGC or is not adopted, it will have a "furever" home at Bear & Friends' sanctuary.

Animal Welfare Coalitions

Bear & Friends is proudly associated with...

~~Liberty and Justice for All Animals Coalition

~~Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - No More Homeless Pets Network Coalition

Rescue Animal Research Collaboration

Bear & Friends is a proud participant of...

~~Shelter Animals Count

Business Partnerships

Bear & Friends is pleased to partner with...

~~Shop for Your Cause  (site):

We are pleased to introduce our partnership with the site Shop for Your Cause (SFYC). SFYC is an online fundraising, activist, and informational site that allows the public to have a hand in shaping their world. SFYC has raised over $30K for two different causes via their click-to-donate program, and more than $75K since its inception with various animal welfare organizations. You can use the site to help us today. Simply click here and select our rescue. With each click SFYC donates two cents back to our organization! After making this simple click, play the quiz and continue donating with each correct answer. It is as simple as that!

Additionally, SFYC helps divert potential pet owners to their local rescue group, such as our's. When so many homeless animals exist in shelters and rescue groups across the nation, we try to convince the public to ADOPT, and NOT SHOP! Please join in and help Bear & Friends today!! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!!!

 Bear & Friends Animal Society Inc. 

MAILING ADDRESS:  195 East 4th Street, Brookville, IN  47012

RESCUE FACILITY:  4020 US Hwy. 52, West Harrison, IN 47060

PHONE:  765-238-0695

501(C)3 Tax ID No.: 46-4268546


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