Bear and Friends Rescue Dog Bear

Meet Bear

Bear is the 'original' therapy dog of Bear & Friends. Bear was adopted as a puppy from the local Humane Society, and he grew into a wonderful, wonderful human-like dog.  Yes, his mannerisms even made it look as though he actually thought he was a human sometimes. Because of his gentle demeanor, his 'whatever' attitude, and his willingness to please children, it was decided to rescue more animals that came from the same uncertain beginnings like Bear's. The rescuing began, and we have not looked back.... 


Bear passed away in January 2019, but his legend continues. The help given to the many unwanted dogs in Southeastern Indiana  and the Cincinnati Tri-State area will continue. Likewise, the courage and confidence given to the many children with whom Bear visited will also continue. May he rest in peace and appreciate what he began!!!

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Bear and Friends Rescue Dog Lewis

Meet Lewis

Lewis was a very sad dog at the local pound... He was placed in a small kennel, he was dirty and afraid, and he was oftentimes overlooked when it was time for walks. You see, Lewis has a brain lesion that affects his nervous system. Lewis' head shakes most of the time, but it shakes even worse when he gets nervous or overly excited. As he watched visitors approach his kennel, the shaking would get worse, as he simply wanted to go on a walk. The uncontrolled shaking scared away volunteers and potential 'forever' families, so he remained overlooked and sad....well, until he came to Bear & Friends!!  Now he plays with his brothers and sisters, his shaking subsides when a hand is placed on his back, and he loves his life!!  He has finally found his 'forever' home! 

Lewis passed away from cancer. We had him at the vet for several days to get fluids since he was not eating and losing weight quickly, and so sadly, we received the call that he had passed away after coming in from a brief bathroom trip. Our hearts were broken from the news. We only hoped that someone was with him and holding him in his dying moments since we were not with him. God rest his soul.

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Bear and Friends Rescue Dog Johnny

Meet Johnny

When Bear & Friends was contacted by the Humane Society about Johnny, we knew he had to be rescued. Johnny had been left at the pound for almost two years without a 'forever' family wanting him. What was so scary about him?  Was it his breed? Was it his playfulness? At Bear & Friends it didn't matter, because he was a sweet and happy boy, and we soon learned that he was loyal and loving, too. After he was adopted, he gave and received much-needed love, he received the care and attention he needed and deserved, and his true light shone through....he was definitely a diamond in the rough!!  Johnny is the only surviving dog from the original three-pack.

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